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about us
Quantum Attorneys
is a law firm
specializing in financial technologies and providing legal support for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, digital business, e-commerce.
We form strong, trusted connections with our clients, based on a deep understanding of their professional worlds, drawn from our extensive experience of working within the same domains - across finance, innovations, intellectual-focused developments.
our clients
Quantum Attorneys's specialists provide professional legal & business advice for
start-ups, introducing new technologies and services in blockchain economy

institutional and private investors, contributing into equity and token sales of blockchain companies

providers of financial services in blockchain industry (brockers, crypto exchanges, online services for exchange, etc.)

high net worth corporate entities and individuals, owning significant crypto assets
In cooperation with us, our clients are seeking the solution of the following issues
FinTech & Blockchain
• Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Projects
• Crowdfunding
• ICOs and Token Sales
• Transactions on Crypto-Exchanges
• Crypto-Assets Management and Structuring
• Regulatory Compliance
• KYC and AML Verification
• Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)
• Implementation of Smart Contracts
• Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Financing
• Big Data Issues and Data Protection
• Digital Business, E-Commerce and Internet Services
Banking & Finance
• Financial Services
• Banking Transactions
• Corporate Finance
• Capital Markets
• Debt and Equity Capital Raising
• Securities Transactions
• International Trade Finance
• Collateral Transactions
• Financial Risks Assessment and Management
• Currency Regulation and Currency Control
• Escrow Services

• International Investment Transactions
• Investment Management, Asset and Project Finance
• Compliance in Investment Transactions
• Venture Capital
• Joint Investment Schemes
• Protection of Investment Assets
Corporate and M&A
• Establishment of Corporate Structures
• Drafting and Review of Corporate Documents
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate Restructuring
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Protection of Companies and Shareholders Against Fraud and Abuse
Intellectual Property
• Copyrights and Related Rights Protection
• Patents and Licenses
• Registration of Trademarks, Inventions and Utility Models
• Anti-Counterfeiting
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Mobile: +38 (044) 394-59-14
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