Our Law Firm offers its clients innovative solutions and efficient options for eliminating legal risks
Banks and Financial Institutions
Banks and financial institutions are operating in an increasingly challenging environment. They are facing the need not only to adapt to the constantly changing regulations but improve innovation and efficiency. If your business is struggling with these challenges, we stand ready to help you execute projects effectively and capitalise on the opportunities in the market. Our lawyers have practical experience working with regulators and can provide relevant advice on a number of legal issues within the sector.
Whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur seeking investment for your business, our team stands ready to help you. We provide services to a broad range of high net worth individuals, private equity and venture funds, management companies throughout all investment project cycle. We go the extra mile to analyze how any given problem can affect the project and offer a tailored advice to address each of them. We have advised start-ups across various jurisdictions on different aspects of issuing fundraising instruments: shares, bonds, promissory notes as well as digital instruments, such as utility and security tokens.
Blockchain technologies, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and big data engines are a game-changing technology, which are revolutionizing the financial services sector. These disruptive technology offers many benefits to the business, but along with that come strict regulatory demands, increasing competition and the threat of cybercrime and data breaches. Whether you are a financial institution or a FinTech focused technology provider, we can assist you in delivering products and services more effectively and in compliance with regulations. We work alongside the FinTech start-ups to help them launch, fund and grow their business. At the same time, we advise large financial services institutions and technology companies to successfully acquire new Fintech products.
Technology is transforming all sectors of the global economy improving business efficiency and innovation. Along with unprecedented opportunities come novel legal and regulatory challenges. We help our clients make sense of these challenges. We assist inventors, R&D teams, tech start-ups, SAAS providers and other IT companies, industry investors, equipment and infrastructure vendors on transfer and management of technology solutions. Particularly we help our clients with IP protection, licensing and compliant online marketing. We also prepare customer privacy and data protection policies, disclaimers and other documentation to ensure compliant operations through multi-jurisdictional Internet environment in order to mitigate liability risks.
Blockchain has revolutionized a number of industries: banking and financial services, capital markets, insurance, logistics and government to name a few. Blockchain is an exciting technology because it offers new transparency, reduced transaction costs and processing times. We help our clients navigate this challenging and exciting space by working with them on a broad range of issues related to blockchain technology development, issuance of DLT assets and cryptocurrency deals. Through our ongoing projects we are able to discern how law and innovation interacts and what regulatory challenges exist in the industry.
Public Sector
The state and local governments are constantly under pressure to deliver social services and improve transport and infrastructure. We understand the unique challenges faced by those who operate in public sector and assist them in delivering services strategically and effectively. Our lawyers have experience working on government projects related to privatizations and procurements, assisting public sector entities such as health care, local government, charities and education providers.
Ukraine is the world leader in agriculture and it continues to attract domestic and foreign businesses. However, the peculiarities of the Ukrainian legislation create challenges for domestic and cross-border transactions in the sector. We help investors, financial institutions, machinery and food producers, equipment vendors and suppliers on the most versatile matters within the sector. Whether you are entering a new market, seeking to sell or purchase an agricultural business, create a joint venture, navigate employment matters or improve the day-to-day operations we can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to your needs.
The rewards of construction projects are high but so are the risks. Before one starts on the construction, there is a lot of planning, legal assessment and procedures. We work to ensure that your interests are protected at any stage of a construction project. Our lawyers have experience representing national and international construction companies, developers, contractors, architects on matters ranging from project development, government contracts, finance, risk management or dispute resolution.
Every company and individual is a potential target for cyber attacks. If a cyberattack takes place it can carry incredible commercial and reputational damages. In case of such an incident we step in and provide our clients with a quick, well-informed and pragmatic advice. We also work with our clients on cybersecurity program, which helps them prevent a cyberattack while remaining compliant.
Energy / Natural Resources
The energy sector presents unprecedented opportunities but it is overregulated. The ongoing approximation of the Ukrainian law to the EU directives is resulting in compliance challenges and making a competent legal advice ever more important for the energy business. We advise clients in specifically within the oil and gas, power, renewables, nuclear and mining and metals sectors at both national and international levels. We assist clients on structuring energy and natural resources supply deals and represent them before supervisory authorities on customs control, certification, tax, environmental and other issues.
Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics distribution are a constant subject of government control. Changing legal and regulatory landscape makes it difficult to stay compliant and operate effectively in the sector. We help clients keep pace with market and regulatory developments unique to the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry. Our lawyers provide specialized and integrated services to various pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics companies, manufacturers, distributors, importers as well as investors and financial institutions.
Transport / Infrastructure
Transport and infrastructure industry presents many opportunities but constantly evolving regulatory demands. Our lawyers can help navigate these changes at any stage of your project: from identifying the project opportunity to clarifying financing options and throughout implementation. We provide commercial insight and legal support to state and municipal authorities and companies, as well as private clients such as contractors, financiers and consultants on regional, national and international level.