Crypto Summit 2018
Vladimir Vorobiov, managing partner of Quantum Attorneys, is participating in Crypto Summit 3rd Edition taking place this October 28-29 in the heart of Swiss Crypto Valley – Zurich. The event is dedicated to the topic "Crossing the Chasm: Mass Adoption of Blockchain Tech". The attendees are here to seek an answer to the all-important question – on what point do we stand with blockchain mass acceptance and what barriers are still to be surmounted?
The summit hosts all the industry stakeholders concerned with emerging technologies, namely, blockchain companies, start-ups, investors and a lot of other upcoming innovative disruptors with bright and smart vision and solid blockchain-related background. The most prominent figures in financial technologies sphere are sharing the real world examples of blockchain intrusion into traditional finance, and expressing their mind on what is going to be the next.
For instance, one of the industry movers, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and ConsenSys CEO, will tell about developing the Ethereum network, and on why living in our epoch matters in the terms of innovations.
Technology mass adoption is not a single point of the Crypto Summit, it also focuses on investment in digital assets. Joey Krug, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Pantera Capital, and Paul Veradittakit, Partner of Pantera Capital, will delve into the issue of the new capital formation in technologies.
The conference is organized by SMART VALOR AG, a Swiss-based blockchain start-up developing global platform for tokenized alternative investments. The company zeroes-in on bringing digital assets to investors across the world in an easy, secure and compliant way. Olga Feldmeier, the CEO of SMART VALOR, is the specialist in intersection of banking and blockchain technology, and is also among the conference speakers.
The previous Crypto Summit 2nd Edition was attended by 1,400 visitors from all over the world, while 34,000 joined by means of the live stream. Thus, the event is truly global and horizons-expanding.
Quantum Attorneys will share all the insights derived from the Summit with our valuable clients!
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