Smartlands confirms its near-term roadmap to revenue generation
Smartlands confirms its near-term roadmap to revenue generation
The Quantum Attorneys team is pleased to announce that Smartlands has confirmed a "soft" launch of the beta version of the asset tokenization platform in Ukraine.
As with all public investment proposals, it is necessary to ensure that the structure of the business offering investment opportunities is in full compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they operate.
In the course of work on the Smartlands project, the Quantum Attorneys team formed its own unique corporate structure for the Ukrainian division, which immediately becomes legally compliant after the adoption of the relevant laws by the Ukrainian parliament, known as the Rada.
We are convinced that for any business starting in a new country, it is imperative to ensure that the business plan is legally compliant with applicable laws at the time the company is established. Through the Smartlands asset tokenization platform, we help create a new company that will operate in a legal environment that has not yet been officially registered by the Rada. This allowed Smartlands to only reach out to professional investors, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and other professionals such as family offices and HNWI consultants.

more about the project Smartlands: https://smartlands.io/blog/smartlands-confirms-its-near-term-roadmap-to-revenue-generation/
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