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FinTech industry is the area of our core expertise. Our trusted team is highly-qualified to offer our clients the benefit of our experience and in-depth knowledge in this dynamically expanding area evolving at rapid-fire pace.
Volodymyr Vorobiov
head of practice
FinTech & Blockchain
Development and vast deployment of blockchain technologies, increasing application of smart contracts and use of artificial intelligence and big data engines in the field of financial services both create new opportunities and pose new threats and ominous risks which should be effectively minimized. Our profound understanding of the legal, regulatory and compliance landscape of financial technologies operation, our striving to keep abreast with the controversial and rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment, our comprehension of the clients' business needs and digital strategies helps us to be at the forefront in this sector offering the FinTech industry participants the exclusive solutions of their issues and the most cost-efficient and safe business models.
We assist our clients in delivering innovative financial products and services, minimizing the regulatory burden by employing the most reliable compliance schemes, protecting their digital infrastructure and enhancing their operations in trend-setting domain of financial technologies. We cooperate with a wide range of players in the relevant markets, including FinTech industry groups, crypto-exchanges, crypto-brokers, crypto-funds, legal counsellors in other jurisdictions, who contribute to consummate servicing of our clients across the globe.
Some of the services provided include
Advising clients on legal, regulatory, policy, corporate and commercial issues relating to FinTech startups in various segments, investment in blockchain projects, launching and implementation of crowdfunding projects
Turn-key legal support of Initial Coins Offering (ISO) projects at all stages and in every aspect, including counselling on incorporation of an issuing company in a most favorable jurisdiction and elaboration of its corporate structure, drafting White Paper, PPM, SAFT, SAFE, advisory agreements, promotional materials and other key documentation, selection of cryptocurrency exchange and compliance with listing requirements, providing legal assistance during private pre-sale, pre-sale and sale of tokens to contributors (investors), 'regulatory clearance' for minimizing risks of re-characterization of tokens and applying potential sanctions by regulators, protection of IP rights to materials used for ICO
Consulting on the most efficient methods of converting cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies, including banking and currency control issues
Safeguarding regulatory compliance and absence of penalties
KYC and AML verification and confirmation of the sources of funds
Data management and protection
Cryptocurrency assets management and efficient structuring
E-money, digital currencies and payment card services
Tax planning for cryptocurrency assets transactions
Advising on legal issues of launching and operation of innovative forms of payment services (including mobile payments), trading and lending, alternative financing
Full-scale of related services (drafting internal policies and procedures, compliance with consumer protection and personal data protection regulations, corporate and financial services legislation, negotiating with counterparties and investors etc.)
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